Shin Yi Automobile Ind.Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1983.
Our major products are steering and suspension parts for automobiles. We dedicate ourselves to professional manufacture by using latest technology,materials, and most advanced professional equipments. The procedure of production of each item is strictly controlled according to ISO9001 Quality Control System,including processes of raw-material purchase, tooling,machining, assembling,finishing and delivery. Moreover, full professional skills training is performed continuously in order to keep upgrading the efficiency of the team. With highly precise measuring instrument, we assure the quality of every producing process, also the material control / machining control / heat treatment & metallograph control etc. By doing so, we can shorten the lead-time, and supply the best quality products with competitive prices, and then continuously promote our products to the whole world.

Quality Certification
We have met the requirements of ISO9001 certification and attained the certification as a manufacturer for steering and suspension products.
Doing our parts
With the equipment and facilities in place, the manufacturing process of Safety parts has been consistently conducted
with the following steps. Each steps are conducted and planned meticulously as safety of our customers is our key focus.
  • 1Appearance
  • 2Discussion
  • 3Quality control
  • 4Mold Tooling
  • 5Forging
  • 6CNC Machining
  • 7Drilling
  • 8Ball Rod Machining
  • 9Accessory Preparation
  • 10Assemble
  • 11Packing
  • 12Shipment
Testing equipment
In order to maintain quality control of the products, the necessary testing facilities have been put in place for Safety products.